Dimitris Diakosavvas started his career as an acting graduate of National Theatre of Northern Greece. He has participated in more than 40 theatre productions by National Theatre of Northern Greece, National Theatre of Greece, many Municipal Regional Theatres in Greece, and also Festivals, such as Athens and Epidaurus Festival. His acting credits include: Crime and Punishment (F. Dostoyevsky), A Streetcar Named Desire (T. Williams), Around the World in Eighty Days (J. Vern), The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare), Peace (Aristophanes), The Round of Death (T. Korovinis), Mormolis (Rainer Hachfeld), The Knights (Aristophanes), Tin City (E. Fakinou), Dionysus Feast (compilation of Ancient Greek Drama exctracts),  Haime’s Dream (P. Bratakos), Isabella, Three Tall Ships, and a Con Man (Dario Fo), Babylonia (Dimitrios K. Vyzantios), King Lear (Shakespeare), The Notable of the Village (S. Peresiadis), Apiorofunis, A Comedy (Iakovos Kabanellis), The Government Inspector (Nikolai Gogol), Lysistrata (Aristophanes), Hello Dolly (Th. Wilder), Ivanoff (A. Chekhov), Amazing Thailand (L.Christidis), The Peasant ( Moliere), The Batler (B.Friel), The Good Man of Se Chuan (B.Brecht), The Acharnians (Aristophanis), Antigone ( Sophocles), The Immortal Water (traditional greek story), Stella (I. Kampaneli), Deer and Curse (Murathat Mugan), Behind Closed Doors (J. P. Sartre), Fatzer (B. Brecht), I am sorry Mr Shakespeare. He appeared in the TV series “Bearer of News/Komistis Eidiseon” (ERT), “Dis Madiam” (ANT1) and many one-act plays. He has voiced numerous radio commercials.

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